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Manufacturer Machine Builder Panel Builder Others
  System Integrator End User    
Machnie Tool Semi Conductor Packaging Pharma
  Food Automobile Textile  
Omron products
Power Supplies Temp. Controllers Limit Switches Timers
  Prog. Relays Inductive Sensors Opto Sensors Relays
  Panel Meters Counters    
Patlite Products
Tower Lights Revolving Lights Voice Synthesizer Signal Horns
Finetek Products
Float Switches Magnetic Switches Capacitance Ultrasonics
  Vibrating Switches Admittance Switches    
Wachendorff Products
Incr. Solid Shaft Encoders Incr. Hollow Shaft Encoders
M-System Products
Signal Conditioners Limit Alarms Power Transducers Remote I/O
  Surge Protectors PC Recorders    
Senstronic Products
Proximity Sensors Splitter Boxes Field Buses Connectors

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